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Which ad creative will generate more leads?

Dimitris Raptis
June 25th, 2020 · 1 min read

A/B testing a banner design in a production environment is not a quick process. Days or weeks can pass before reaching a point of statistical confidence in the results, depending on the amount of traffic you get. This makes a quick sanity check with VisualEyes clarity score a worthwhile proposition if you’re designing and running a lot of banner advertising.

Clarity score evaluates how clear and aesthetically pleasing is a design. A lower score means that your design is cluttered.

In this case, aesthetically pleasing and clean design can be a credibility establisher in the modern noisy advertising space. Small enhancements in VisualEyes’ clarity score might reflect on better click-through rates and ad performance.

Below there is a simple example of testing three ad creatives, widely known as a Preference Test. The only change applied is at the featured background image of the banner. As you can see, by breaking the color symmetry you can negatively affect the clarity performance. The winner of this instant Preference Test is the second creative!


👇 The VisualEyes’ example project 👇 (or open in a new tab)

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