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How VisualEyes can lead the design evolution

Dimitris Raptis
November 28th, 2019 · 1 min read

VisualEyes is a next-gen design tool that combines leading neuroscience research with AI to accurately predict how people will react to your digital designs.

The time is now!

The Beta-testing era has arrived and you’re more than welcome to be a part of it.

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Currently, we support the three main prototyping tools. FigmaSketch and Adobe XD plugins have already been developed!

You can request Early Access to the plugins by visiting our website! 🎉

How it works

It’s simple as that:

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🔌 Input:

The VisualEyes plugin uploads any kind or size of your design artwork to our platform.

🧠 Algorithm:

Our AI algorithm predicts the attention of users based on more than 20,000 eye-tracking data gathered from our platform and open datasets.

🏆 Output:

You will receive a transparent (or with the original image as background) heatmap that displays the attention areas of your design.


Still feeling confused?! 🤔

It’s time to give you some examples from the real world, that will help you fully understand the usage of our tool.

Below you can find the attention areas of some popular landing pages along with the original design:

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We are building a new design community and we would be glad to have you on board! Join in our official Spectrum chat and tell us your thoughts.

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Visit VisualEyes website

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