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Can I perform a A/B test on my landing page?

Dimitris Raptis
June 25th, 2020 · 1 min read

Are you trying to introduce a new design for your landing page (or any other page)? Or looking for a new direction with your existing branding? The compelling and trustworthy method to make your final decision is by embracing a data-driven approach.

Predictive design is the modern technique of taking decisions backed by science. It enables the opportunity to utilize the results of thousands of real eye-tracking studies and, then, predict how people will react to your design based on these historical data.

Old Attention Map
Example of Facebook feed extensive redesign

By using VisualEyes, comparing to a traditional A/B test, you have the results instantly and you don’t have to sacrifice your valuable time and effort to find participants. Moreover, it’s really important to consider the fact that you are not exposing your secret work to random 3rd parties. The confidentiality of your designs is secure with VisualEyes.

About the process, it’s intuitive and intergrated to your current workflow. In your design tool, you can use our plugin to run predictions on your A and B variants. The results are instantly available both in the plugin’s dialog and your VisualEyes web app account.

Then, you analyze the visual hierarchy of your page via Attention Maps and inspect if your critical elements are equally visible in both variants. The Clarity score can support your analysis by recommending which design is more clear and visually communicates better your message.

Find here a detailed post-mortem analysis of Uber’s landing page re-design

👇 The VisualEyes’ example project 👇 (or open in a new tab)

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